3 Hidden Secrets of Translation Memory

Choosing just any translation partner could be costing you more than you know. We outline everything you need to know when using a partner for your translation projects.

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February 21, 2023


What is Translation Memory? 

Translation memory (TM) is a type of software tool used by translation technology and professional translators to assist in the translation process. A translation memory is essentially a database that stores segments of previously translated text (such as sentences or paragraphs) alongside their corresponding translations. 

When a translator begins a new translation project, the translation memory software searches through its database to identify any previously translated segments that are very similar or identical to the current source text. The translator can then review and reuse these previously translated segments, which saves money, shortens the timeline, and improves consistency across translations. 

Translation memories are typically leveraged in conjunction with other term bases such as glossaries, custom dictionaries, and style guides to aid linguists in the translation process. It also tracks changes and revisions made during the translation process. The use of translation memory is particularly common in industries where there is a high volume of repetitive text, such as website translation, technical documentation, software localization, and marketing materials. 

Why Use Translation Memory? 

Website translation tools have become an integral part of translation projects. According to the Common Sense Advisory, a majority of translation providers who rely on computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools are routinely also using TMs. A mere 12% of respondents to the study have never used them. 

According to a study by Memsource, using translation memory technology increased productivity by around 36%. However, there are claims from Kensai University's Foreign Language Studies department that productivity could see up to a 90% increase, depending on the TM content. 

Here's the problem: choosing the wrong translation service provider to work with can come with some hidden roadblocks. Luckily, we're here to help! Reach out to us if you think you need to upgrade your translation services and we'll give you a free assessment of your translation memory.  

Read on to learn about the secrets of translation memory and why it’s so important to work with a concierge-level translation service. 

What to Know When You Partner for Your Translation Memory 

With the wrong translation partner, you may be facing hidden charges, lack of ownership, and difficulty with switching providers. Before you choose a translation partner, keep these three things in mind: 

1. You Should Own Your Translation Memory 

In some cases, when your LSP creates your translation memory, they own it. While they are the ones building it, it will cost you more in the long run if they decide to hold it hostage if you want to switch providers. By ensuring that you have ownership of your translation memory, you can avoid charges if you decide to break ties with your partner. 

2. Your Language Service Provider (LSP) Should Update Your TM 

If you work with an outside translation company, you should expect your partner to handle initial translations as well as maintenance. It's the language service provider's responsibility to keep the TM up to date as you add new content to your website. This increases the possibility that repetitive words or phrases can be automatically translated. Otherwise, each time there is new content to be processed, you could be paying again and again for the same segments. Contact us to get a free translation memory assessment today. 

3. You Could Be Getting Translated Segments for Free 

If you work with the right vendor, when highly repetitive phrases are encountered, some translation technologies can leverage your translation memory and process slight variations for your localized site at no additional cost to you! 

The 4 Benefits of Working with the Right Partner

Finding the right translation partner can be daunting, but being able to work with a concierge-level translation company makes the whole process worthwhile. With the best website translation services partner, aka MotionPoint, you will get these amazing perks: 

Consistent translations 

If the same sentence or phrase needs to be translated multiple times, our translation memory can suggest previous translations to ensure translations are contextually accurate. 

Centralized database 

Multiple translators can be aided simultaneously with the same information since it is stored in a centralized memory. This can improve efficiency and help with translation consistency. 

Cost savings 

Time and money go hand-in-hand in the translation industry. Luckily, translation memory is an investment wherein the more translated sentences or phrase pairings it stores, the more content there is that then can be automatically leveraged for translation and aid linguists in the translation process. 

This is where MotionPoint’s adaptive translation technology comes in. It consists of three components: translation memory, algorithmic translation, and neural machine translation. The algorithmic layer can save companies up to 40% on translation costs. This is something other companies don’t have with their bare minimum translation memory. 

Improved quality 

Translators, editors, and project managers can refine and optimize the translation memory entries to maintain brand tone and voice. This improves quality over time as subsequent requests for edited content benefit from the improved upon translations. 

MotionPoint is the Clear Choice 

As a concierge-level translation partner dedicated to providing high-quality translations at a low cost, we would never deprive your business of the tools to succeed. We make sure you own your translation memory content, keep it up to date, and never stick you with switching costs. 

MotionPoint is a company focused on reducing your costs. While other translation services want to make money by increasing translation costs and charging you for every little task, we do the opposite. We created Adaptive Translation™ with the goal of reducing human translation costs and providing the best quality work. We provide a combination of translation memory, artificial intelligence, and algorithmic translation to save you up to 60% on human translation costs. 

If you’re interested in partnering with us, we are currently offering a free website translation assessment if you’re facing a switching fee from your current provider. Contact us today to set up a meeting and get the best service in the industry.

Last updated on February 21, 2023
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