Machine and Human Translation Each Have Unique Benefits

Expanding a business to new cultures or regions involves many components with the purpose of connecting the company to potential customers. It is necessary to speak your customers' languages by translating brand content. Both machine and human translation can accomplish this. Our new e-book provides insights into:

  • The key differences between machine translation and human translation
  • The impact of human and machine translation on translation quality, cost, speed, and localization efforts
  • How to utilize a “hybrid” approach to take advantage of the unique benefits of both human and machine translation techniques

Machine translation features benefits such as a lower cost and speed, offering a quick way for brands to translate content at scale without much overhead. Meanwhile, professional, human translation is excellent for projects that require extra care and nuance. Which process is best for you? Download this e-book to receive:

  • Insights into which translation solution is best for your business given your goals and objectives
  • Nuances of both machine and human translation that make each process unique
  • The benefits and drawbacks of both human and machine translation solutions

The Highlights Companies expanding into global markets know that customer support is the key to success, and language is the key to making connections. Considerations for translating your business content for a worldwide or multicultural audience include:

  • Machine and human translations have specialized pros and cons: Factors such as speed to market, cost, and translation quality are all critical considerations to gauge your translation needs
  • Your business may benefit from a hybrid of both processes: When utilized together, machine and human translation can support many translation needs efficiently and effectively
  • Both translation and localization are necessary exercises for your brand: A word-for-word translation approach leaves out important considerations, such as cultural nuances and meaningful engagement
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